Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series

(bg_mercedes_amg_gt_black_series) Mod
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin black
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin black
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin brilliant_blue
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin cavansite_blue
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin designo_brilliant_blue
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin designo_gravit_grey
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin designo_selenite_grey
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin diamant_white
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin gravit_grey
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin green_hell_magno
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin hightech_silver
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin hyacinth_red
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin jupiter_red
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin magmabeam
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin mojave_silver
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin obsidian_black
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin polar_white
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin selenite_grey
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Black Series, skin solarbeam


v0.90 (Exitus)
-fixed wheel mapping
-added skin red velvet + converted hre 543R
-rework of magmabeam + solarbeam to atch IRL color
-added door animation to Extra B
-made leather_1 brighter
-reworked gas+brake pedal animation
-reworked foot animation of driver
-reworked driver animation

v0.89 (Exitus)
-added skin "midnight" with hre sc300 rims
-fixed some 3d carbon parts
-rework of pistons incl. ao (not happy with result)
-rework of lights texture (fixed 3rd brake light)
-fixed rims3d + ao (hre sc300)
-converted HRE S101 for Buja Grey Skin
-made interior materials bit brighter
-rework of leather 1 and stitching2 (still not happy)
-created new skin venom+converted HRE446 for venom skin

v0.88 (Exitus)
-new unwrap, ao + textures for black plastic
-fixed ao+textures for ext_blackplastic
-unwrap, ao + textures for pianoblack
-fixed unwrap, ao + textures for leather_4
-fixed passenger seat belt mapping
-new unwrap, material, shader, texture for stiching1
-new unwrap, material, shader, texture for stiching2
-reworked all skins because of new stiching1+2
-carpet is now paintable in paintshop
-fixed radio implementation

v0.87 (Exitus)
-new unwrap + ao for leather 1 (still not happy with result)
-fixed carbon ao+texture
-fixed chrome ao+texture
-fixed doorspeaker
-fixed material leather_3
-took sound from SCIBSOUND's SLS63 AMG
-tried to fix all speakers
-changed values of interior shaders
-fixed some polygons that where messed up

v0.86 (Exitus)
-fixed seatstiching
-attach/detaching materials
-new unwrap+ao for leather_3 (not happy)
-new unwrap+ao for leather_1 (not happy)
-fixed front+rear plate
-unwrap+textures for caliper
-fixed fuel consumtion
-fixed win3 animation
-new unwrap + ao for ext_blackplastic

v0.85 (Exitus)
-fixed emissive texture for material light
-new pistons + animation for car_wing_3
-pistons for car_wing_3 taken from bz_c63_bs_s1
-new ao for chrome + fixed steering buttons
-detaching/attaching interior parts
-new unwrap+ao for leather_1
-new shader+values for black plastic
-unwrap, ao, textures+shader for leather_2

v0.84 (Exitus)
-Fixed carbon unwrap+ao
-shader+texture for material grille_4
-unwrap, ao + shader for leather_1 (still not happy)
-changed 3d model of tyres
-swapped textures of tyre from MPilot Sport to Mpilot CUP2
-fixed size in tyres.ini
-cleaned skins folder, ext_config a/o
-added new 3d caliper
-made textures for caliper + working paintshop

v0.83 (Exitus)
-unwrap, ao + shader for chrome
-shader for badge
-shader+texture for material interior
-shader+texture for material grille1
-shader+texture for material grey
-shader+texture for material grille_1
-shader+texture for material grille_3
-shader+texture for material grille_2

v0.82 (Exitus)
-new body ao + template
-new damage
-unwrap+ao for carpet
-unwrap+ao for chrome + shader
-ao+shader for engine
-ao+shader for bolts
-fixed 3d bolts
-ao+shader for enginebay

v0.81 (Exitus)
-tweaked the carbon shader
-added exhaust glow need to tweak
-cleaned/sorted fbx file
-unwrap + ao material black plastic
-unwrap + ao material alu_exhaust
-fixed v8 badge (red ground)
-smoothed caliper + new shadervalues

v0.80 (Exitus)
-tried to fix internal glass
-fixed front spoiler animation (like RL)
-added rods for front spoiler
-added front plates
-added original plate of rekord car to magmabeam (thx to Reiner Heinrich)

v0.79 (Exitus)
-rework of cluster texture
-rework of vao for interior
-rework of taillights
-fixed front spoiler, no hole anymore
-attached some parts together
-integrated radio in sport cluster
-fixed rear blinker for newer csp (above 1.68)

v0.78 (Exitus)
-downsizing of most textures
-cm_paintshop rework
-rework of all skins
-deleted files in skins (no use anymore)
-rework of damage texture (still not good)

v0.77 (Exitus)
-ao+texture for black paint
-ao+texture for carbon
-ao+texture for wheels
-rework shader + texture for exterior
-complete ao for exterior

v0.76 (Exitus)
-added old aero.ini
-changed a bit the setup.ini
-fixed caliper LF
-rework of body AO
-complete new texture for ao

v0.75 (Alex howard)
Went through a few different evolutions from the first version I made and ran for a while, then I finally addressed the power.ini which threw things out so I asked Buja for his latest version in order to try and finalise something. After essentially merging the two versions, moving the wings around again, adding height sensitivity for front splitter and diffuser and continuing to tune the overall balance I settled on roughly 44% front load with more than 400kg at 250kmh (stock quoted). Buja put the active upper rear aerofoil on and the adjustment is set to 2 positions front and 4 on the lower rear aerofoil. Default balance is 1 click front and rear with the option to have more rear clicks if anyone wants a safer understeery setup..

Torque has been increased because of the added grip and bias is slightly rearward at 67%, still adjustable in car for now though!

One of the most significant changes dynamically was from the removal of the mechanical locking differential (which wasn’t functioning properly anyway) and the addition of an EDL which simply applies the brake to keep both wheels spinning at a relative speed. I’d never tuned a car without an LSD so I borrowed inspiration from the McLaren P1 which also has an open diff with just wheel braking. This also went through a few iterations to get right as other changes to power, tyres and suspension affected the behaviour. Of course an AMG must drift but for laptimes it needs good traction - not easy to achieve both.

I’ve actually removed all the files to do with stability control because in the stock car with the drivetrain in ‘Race Mode’ disables stability and puts control onto the multi stage TC switch, just like a GT3 race car. Hot tip - when set to 8 in the pits it acts sort of like a ‘Drift Mode’ which means it’s possible to just floor it and easily hold slides.

Initially I thought the power was ok but after much driving and finally double checking it became clear there was way too much torque and not enough top end power, the turbos were also not quite accurate so now boost is up slightly to stock level at 1.7bar and the power.ini has been retuned so there’s maximum torque from 2000-6000rpm and peak power is now at 6700-6900rpm. Having a more linear delivery has improved traction and drivability beyond measure, before it was quite tricky managing throttle inputs mid corner but then it would lose acceleration near the rev limit. It’s like a different car now with this solved.

For this version I really wanted to implement the ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport Plus’ damper modes to a simple one click in the pits, but when I converted my settings from damper adjustment I use for testing, something went wrong and the sweet spot I found was gone and I had no idea what happened. Unfortunately time constraints meant I couldn’t resolve this and was forced to go back to the previous style of adjustment. This means the dampers are still fully adjustable so please don’t play with them because trust me I’ve already tried every variation to arrive here. It’s designed so ‘Sport’ mode loads by default and until the next update ‘Sport Plus’ is accessed via a saved preset I supplied to accompany main car download.
Same as IRL the car has 10mm height adjustment and the ARB has 2 positions front and 3 rear. I leave it fully lowered with the softer front and medium rear ARB, if you want it more stable especially on braking, drop the rear ARB and front camber 1 click for less front end bite. This means there are less options for steering with the throttle though, so it’s easier to drive but ultimately slower. Out of the box it’s perfect for Nords with ‘Sport Plus’ being reserved for grippier tracks like Laguna Seca, Bathurst and Bikerneiki ect. Toe angles and everything really are finely tuned so messing with stuff will just make it...messy.

By all reports and reviews this car has very light steering weight but the mod was extremely heavy so I’ve reduced the FFB multiplier down to 1.0, it also felt a little slow and unresponsive for me at 14 so I quickened up the rack slightly to 12.8 to make it more direct and connected, the feedback is mostly tuned with dampers/cambers/tyres, I’d like to know what you guys think of how this feels.

This is where the most work was done, optimising the geometry for increased performance and drivability. It’s quite an involved process and luckily I could feel improvements after each phase of editing. Firstly it’s all about stance, getting the wheels positions and heights to look right by removing graphics offsets and changing track width, basey and centre of gravity. The main problem was the front springs being far too soft and some exaggerated bump steer front and rear. After correcting this while also creating different roll centres by moving a couple of wishbone mounting points, the biggest improvement I felt was from sorting out the travel range/bumpstops, all of a sudden it actually handled more like a real car!
Once these things were resolved it then makes it so much better for tuning dampers etc. I’m trying to achieve many things simultaneously - having a good comfortable ride that flows over bumps and soaks up kerbs without getting too disturbed but still retaining control over weight shifts, the whole time giving clear information to the driver. It’s the old agility/stability trade off, and because of being front-mid engine, trying to iron out the very pointy front end and tendency to dive for the apex on entry but then push mid corner and run wide due to immense speed and inertia. Much effort was put into having a car that holds a consistent line, settles quickly and gets on with business with minimal drama and maximum confidence.
Don’t even get me started on ‘light and floaty’ vs ‘heavy and tied down’.... It takes a lot of trial and error to find a sweet spot, in the end I make a choice and although the car sometimes feels like it goes light on acceleration, it’s because of gaining more traction whereas the heavier more tied down feeling setup actually struggles to put the power down out of a corner. Weird I know. Lastly making sure the response rate is not too nervous and hyperactive or slow and dull. All about balance, which leads me to…...

v0.74 (Exitus)
-Cluster-Rework, smoother and nearly 300 objects less
-some texture rework (carbon, leather, and more)
-wing animation + Aero
-setup for wing2 + wing3 (spoiler)
like real life only in pits adjustable, thx to Antonius Tyaswidyono Moerti
-rework of aero.ini

v0.73 (Adriaan Suy)
-changed carbon texture and material settings
-changed names of various textures to make them paintable
-made some interior skin configurations
-changed chrome material settings

v0.72 (Adriaan Suy)
-changed rim material settings
-configured interior carbon and piano black
-made stitches paintable
-configured engine materials

v0.71 (Nizar Razzouk)
-fixed all stitching textures
-Added 3rd stich line on dashboard
-detached all plastic from other parts of interior
-detached center steering mark

v0.70 (Nizar Razzouk)
-Added 3d model AMG badges on seats
-color able amg /stripes/center steering mark in CM
-Added door panel dots
-Better NM texture for leather

v0.69 (Nizar Razzouk)
-all interior plastic has new texture and more realistic
-center console screens texture
-mapped new symbols on center console
-traction control warning sign on center console working

v0.68 (Nizar Razzouk)
-fixed all symbols textures (buttons)
-changed steering wheel plastic texture
-detached all chrome /metal parts
-change texture to all metal/chrome parts in the interior

v0.67 (Exitus)
-fixed door panel lights
-raised front and rear cd to 0.7 (aero.ini)
-lowerd the car weight by 10 kg, to match real life
-changed wing1+wing2 in aero.ini less downforce

v0.66 (Exitus)
-fixed ao (weird shadows on badges)
-fixed alcantara, now its paintable in showroom (leather3)
-fixed leather 4 now its paintable

v0.65 (Exitus)
-created ao map for caliper
-created nm map for caliper
-created caliper paint

v0.64 (Exitus)
-cloned speed bar (lcd)
-rotated by180 degree and renamed 51 objects
-added as oiltemp bar in digital.ini
-added 51 new objects to lights.ini

v0.63 (Exitus)
-cloned rpm bar (lcd)
-rotated by180 degree and renamed 51 objects
-added as watertemp bar in digital.ini
-added 51 new objects to lights.ini

v0.62 (Exitus)
-cloned speed bar (lcd)
-flipped and renamed 51 objects
-added as rpm bar in digital.ini
-added 51 new objects to lights.ini

v0.61 (Exitus)
-fixed wing1 animation with lut.
-fixed all skins, metaldetail
-detached stw lcd glass and added mat
-cloned it 2 times and added mat
-animated the lcd parts and added to navi animation

v0.60 (Exitus)
-tweaked diff lock
-tweaked shader uf LCD
-fixed color of digital.ini for lcd items
-fixed metaldetail for carpaint

v0.59 (Exitus)
-added 8 new objects to cluster2
-digital.ini made them work watertemp
-lights.ini made them work 197 items until now
-(cluster2 is finished)

v0.58 (Exitus)
-digital.ini made RPM, Speed, Oil and water
work for LCD
-Fixed LCD no overlapping anymore
-fixed light and highbeam cluster lights

v0.57 (Exitus)
-added 8 new objects to lcd
-digital.ini made them work watertemp
-lights.ini made them work

v0.58 (Exitus)
-added 51 new objects to lcd
-digital.ini made them work as speed serie
-lights.ini made them work

v0.57 (Exitus)
-added 51 new objects to lcd
-digital.ini made them work speed serie
-lights.ini made them work

v0.56 (Exitus)
-added new fuelbar for cluster 2
-digital.ini made tem work
-lights.ini made them lite up

v0.55 (Exitus)
-ext_config made TC object work
-ext_config made ABS object work
-made new texture for underbody

v0.54 (Exitus)
-added new TC object to steerwheel
-added new ABS object to steerwheel
-reworked digital.ini for tc level on stwheel
-reworked digital.ini for ABS level on stwheel

v0.53 (Exitus)
-fixed engine size (somehow it went small)
-fixed leather under steering wheel
-changed cluster animation

v0.52 (Exitus)
-deleted wiper_stalk animation
cant find line to bind by wiper
-deletet attachment of wing3 to aero
-binded wing3 to extra B

v0.51 (Exitus)
-fixed digital_instruments color of cluster2
-added rpm bar in the lcd
-added clock to lcd
-added foot animatioon of driver

v0.50 (Exitus)
-detached leather1 parts
-uvw map leather1
-detached leather 1 door parts
-uvwmap leather 1 door parts

v0.49 (Exitus)
-detached aclantara parts
-uvw map alcantara
-detached carped parts
-uvwmap carpet

v0.48 (Exitus)
-added shader to detached parts
-changed shader of cluster1
-corrected lights.ini (cluster1)
-fixed all issues with uvw mapping of detached parts

v0.47 (Exitus)
-detached wiper stalk for animation
-added dummy + animation of wiper stalk
-detached blinker stalk
-added dummy + animation of blinkerstalk

v0.46 (Exitus)
-detached trunk carpet
-uvw mapping trunk carpet
-detached interior rubber
-uvw mapping interior rubber

v0.45 (Exitus)
-added new objects to cluster
-uvw mapping of them
-new csp low+highbeam for cluster

v0.44 (Exitus)
-added new wing controller
-adedd new wing (aero.ini)
-attached all wing animations to aero

v0.43 (Exitus)
-detached screws (engine) and added textures
-complete rework of physics
-changed clusterchange to extraA
-reworked the aero.ini

v0.42 (Exitus)
-cloned cluster + Navigation
-animation of cloned Cluster
-digital_instruments added for second cluster
-ext_config made every thing work on second cluster
-binded cluster animation to extraD

v0.41 (Exitus)
-fixed brake animation
-fixed trunk animation
-fixed fuel consumtion
-fixed TC when going to pits (settet always off)
-fixed int_glass

v0.40 (Exitus)
-fixed buja grey skin
-replaced 2d lightswitch with 3d object (rtm gtr)
-animated the lightswitch (turn lights on/off)
-fixed gas pedal animation
-fixed susp offset wheel rf
-fixed arrow rpm light

v0.39 (Exitus)
-fixed wing animation
-made new wiperanimation
-fixed hood animation (including arms)
-doublesided the mirrors (animation fix)
-fixed extra_animation.ini
-fixed front spoiler (not attached by speed anymore)

v0.38 (Exitus)
-detached parts of steeringwheel
-added new texture leather1 + alcantara
-new uvw map for objects
-created new nrm map for textures
-fixed fender damage
-fixed engine shaking

v0.37 (Exitus)
-Added damage glass
-fixed body damage
-fixed all car cameras
-added new texture to the steering wheel

v0.36 (Exitus)
-added damage mask
-added damage normal map (needs rework, only testing)
-added scratches (need to rework, only testing)

v0.35 (Exitus)
-detached chrome parts of wheels
-made wheel parts chrome (texture+shader)
-added new dummys for damage
-damage.ini added the front and rear bumper
-added engine shaking, need to detach parts

v0.34 (Exitus)
-fixed material of rear fog lights
-added new animations (mirror, spoiler, gas and brake pedal)
-reworked aero.ini for spoiler animation
-created new lut for spoileranimation

v0.33 (Exitus)
-added new chrome 3d object for the grill
-added 3d fender badges (V8)
-added 3d trunk badges (amg,emblem,gtblackseries)
-fixed shader of chrome

v0.32 (Exitus)
-fixed csp warning tc off
-fixed position of digital item perf
-added abs inaction
-added rear fog lights

v0.31 (Exitus)
-fixed mirror left, middle and right
-added kunos shader for mirrors
-added dummy "exhaust"
-reworked damage.ini (to make exhaust shaking)

v0.30 (Exitus)
-adjusted a bit the front susp.
-disabled brakes_fx for this car (loosing textures)
-fixed brake disc, now they are moving with wheel

v0.29 (Exitus)
-reworked som interior parts
-detached the lights and added correctly to daylight
-detached lots of interior parts

v0.28 (Exitus)
-Made new textures for brakes
-fixed brake glow

v0.27 (Exitus)
-fixed the brakes
-fixed drivetrain

v0.26 (Exitus)
-AO Mapping of Bodypaint
-Added new CSP Colors, Metallic and Matte
-All 18 Factory colors available(Skins), + Buja Grey
-VAO Baking int+ext

v0.25 (Exitus)
-added mirror indicator
-changeged shaders of the car
-added new skins, Clolor, driver, crew + Daylights are matching
-color code on real life,

v0.24 (Exitus)
-added glass in front of cluster
-improved cluster and new positioning of cluster bars
-changed shader of carbon
-reworked wing animation (wing_controller)
-added VAO
-reworked digital-Instruments (new colors and positions, to match real life)
-fixed lightning of clusterbars

v0.23 (Exitus)
-new shader on wheels (gloss)
-addded a plane for nawigation
-worked on ext_config (navigation)
-changed shader in the cluster
-changed shader symbols of light
-reworked lights.ini

v0.22 (Exitus)
-changes on car.ini
-changes on drivetrainloss
-changes on drivetrain.ini
-repositioned digital
-changed shader of wheels, now paintable

v0.21 (Exitus)
-reworked wing animation
-settet wing ani corecctly in aero, wing + .lut
-aero works now accurate, car VMAX 323KMH
-made new shaders, car interior complete mapped

v0.20 (Exitus)
-fixed winganimation1
-fixed aero.ini was too much downforce
-reworked some shader carbon, black exhaust, interior, black outside
-detached mirrors and added to mirrors.ini
-Added new sound from Timo Ha (GuerillaMods)
-added new physics from amg gt4 and reworked
-fixed the collider

v0.19 (Exitus)
-raised rpm redline to 7200
-analog_instruments.ini rpm needle now accurate
-added new tyre, hypercar road + trofeo
-reworked aero.ini + wing animations. (produced too much downforce.
-changed gearspeed
-reworked engine

v0.18 (Exitus)
-Addad Animations: Hood, Trunk, Door L, Door R, Wing 1 (attached to aero by speed) and Wing 2 (attached to aero by brake)
-Aero.ini added lines for moving wing1 and wing2
-extra_animations.ini added Hood and Trunk for CM Showroom
-wing_animations.ini added the wing1+wing2 to have effect on aero.ini
-added tyre: hankook evo s1 (standard) and pirelli p zero. car feels now like street car.
-ai.ini changed the shifting to match engine

v0.17 (Exitus)
-Cluster fully functional
-made all bars working: Fuel, watertemp, oiltemp, turbo boost
-CSP warning lights: TC,TC OFF,Lights, Highbeam, ABS, Handbreak, Engine, Susp, Steerinwheel, Indicator
-Lights.ini for all clusterbars

v0.16 (Exitus) 13.10.2020
-Mapped Cluster into 3dObject
-working on digital_instrument.ini
-Ditigal working items: ambienttemp, Speed, Watertemp 2x, fuel, gear 2x, clock, laptime, lastlap, current lap, odometer total, odometer trip, RPM, TC level, oiltemp 2x, performance, tyre pressure
-lights.ini, cluster now is lighted
-switched break and taillights (match real life)

v0.15 (Exitus) 04.10.2020
-reworked physics complete, still no real live data
-new engine
-added adaptiv breaklights
-detached the taillights,
-lights.ini + ext_config for the taillights. all working (Blinker, brake, light, reverse)

v0.14 (Exitus)
-detached the lights, they was 1 Object
-lights.ini + ext_config for the headlights. all working (Blinker, daylight, light, highbeam)

v0.13 (Exitus)
-3d working to make RainFX ready (internal Glass and co)
-Animated the wipers (works on 1.64) bug on 1.65-preview1 (left wiper, doesnt wipe the water)

v0.12 (Exitus)
-deleted physics and started new.
-new physics used Porsche GT3RS (forcfull) as base
-reworked physics with data from AMG GTR GT3 + GT4

v0.11 (Exitus)
-Used physics from community member.
-reworked physics

v0.1 (Exitus)
-Beginn with converting 22.09.2020
-Gameready model 27.09.2020


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  • Acceleration: 3.1s 0-100
  • BHP: 730 Hp
  • Power Ratio: 2.11 kg/hp
  • Top Speed: 325km/h
  • Torque: 800 Nm
  • Weight: 1540 kg